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radon removal - air

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There are several techniques that can be used to reduce radon in the air.

The most common method is known as a "sub-slab depressurization" (SSD) or sometimes referred to as "active soil depressurization" (ASD). It is very effective in that a vacuum is created under the basement floor or slab and captures the radon before it enters the building space.

The fan characteristics, placement of suction points, and quantity of vacuum pits are unique to each property and designed accordingly.

Unlike others in the business who use rotary hammers or jack hammers to make holes in the concrete for these sub-slab plumbing systems, it is our standard procedure to professionally wet core drill these holes.

Core drilling is virtually dust free, will not impart stress risers or cracks in the concrete, looks neater, facilitates the proper excavation, and comes at no extra cost to you.

We use state of the art equipment through out the entire installation and testing process.

All work is guaranteed and warranties are transferable during a property sale. Call 1-866-787-2366 for details.

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