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radon effectS: PREGNANCY  babies and children

Are you Pregnant or Planning on expanding your family?

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a joyous occasion, but after the celebrations, one thing becomes more important than anything else; making sure that you and your baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy and bringing your newborn home to a safe radon free environment is so important- and not just for the baby but for the entire family.

Fact is... No parent would knowingly put their family at risk for radon exposure which is why you should have the home that you live in tested.  Long term radon exposure is dangerous to your health.

Mother and Newborn

Radiation in all forms are always a cause of concern especially when your pregnant, You avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and particularly dangerous activities, Yet we often overlook potentially one of the greatest risks in your home - radon, a radioactive gas.  The place where you spend most of your time and is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers.  If you have elevated levels of radon in your home above 4 pCi/L the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) recommends immediate reduction.  It isn’t just about living green, but about keeping your kids and yourself safe.

When you really think about it.... the amount of time you spend in your home awake or asleep is significant and therefore protecting the air that you breath should be a top priority.


Your children also spend large amounts of time in daycare centers, in-home child care centers and school sometimes more then 8 hours a day five days a week and who knows what level of radon they could potentially be exposed too on a daily basis.


People usually don't think about radon in this manner but we've installed radon system in schools too and have listened to the concerns of school superintendents and the risks associated with not removing radon from their buildings.


Radon may sound scary, but it is easy to test for and it is inexpensive.  The only way to know your radon levels is to get tested.  HSW Radon Contractors can help you determine whether high levels of radon are present in your home and the solutions are relatively easy.   There are 3 ways to get tested.

  1. A 7 day professional residential kit (short term charcoal cannister) - the kit is mailed to you  $40

  2.  90 days to one year professional residential long term kit - (alpha track) the kit is mailed to you $45

  3. State of the art digital testing for a 7 day period.  Our technician will set up a digital test system in your home and return within 7 days for analysis - $150.  If your radon levels indicate that a radon system should be installed, we will deduct the $150 testing fee from your installation service.

To order a kit, please visit our test kit page.  To setup an appointment for Digital Testing in the home, please fill out our request for service quote.

In a recent 2018 article published and cited from Pediatic Saftey:  "Another cause for concern is that recent research suggests that children who live in homes with high radon levels may have an increased risk of developing childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). The research found that children exposed to “intermediate” levels of radon had a 21% higher risk of developing ALL as compared to children exposed to the lowest levels.


You can find this article here:

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